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Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken I had the extreme fortune of winning an ARC of NEVER FADE from the lovely Alexandra Bracken herself (and I do mean lovely, she sent me the nicest note you guys). And let me say:GET EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!If you haven’t preordered a copy, please go do so now. I’ll wait.………Back? Ok, good. I’m ordering you about for your own good. Trust me when I say you don’t want to waste a single second you could be reading Never Fade. It is everything I hoped it would be and more. I started reading pretty much the second I opened the package and was so utterly absorbed, I neglected to remember I have a job and stuff to do and stayed up all night reading it. At one point Mr. Meg suggested I sleep and I growled at him. You read that right, growled. No joke.I‘m not going to spoil anything, just give you the following reasons as to why you should be frantic to read this. (Some profanity ahead, folks, I’m freaking out too much to restrain myself).1. Ruby. Ruby’s arc in The Darkest Minds was a thing of beauty and Never Fade brings us Ruby 2.0. She is decisive, she is focused, she takes no shit from anyone anymore and is getting things done. Like. A. Boss. 2. The action. My playlist for TDM was full of moody, low tempo traveling music, My NF playlist will be filled with tense, forward-momentum action music. This book takes the energy and turmoil from TDM and turns it all the way up. I mean, the Children’s League is basically black ops, so take that thought and run with it.3. The characters. Alex Bracken, how do you write these amazing fleshed out characters that just waltz in a steal my heart? It’s some kind of witchcraft, I’m sure of it. We see familiar faces and meet some fantastic new people. Vida, (who you catch a glimpse of in the first chapter, see link below) is prooooobably my favorite newbie (it’s a tough call) and if she could be my best friend, I would die happy….probably from laughing myself to death. 4. The writing. Alex Bracken is in top form here you guys. I’d be sitting there shredding my nails with my teeth in the midst of a tense, life or death situation and then suddenly be cracking up at the snappy one-liners flying back and forth between characters and then two pages later, I’m sobbing which brings me to my next point…5. THE FEELS Y’ALL. THE FEELS. This is where my thoughts on the book devolve into senseless rambling and keyboard smashing. I laughed, I cried, I squealed, I made dying Orca whale noises. It was too much. I can’t. After The Darkest Minds did you expect anything less? I think I’m going to go home and read it again. It is THAT AWESOME.Ok, I’m working myself up into a frenzy and I need to calm down and catch up on all the stuff I neglected last night, so I will leave you here, with this:Never Fade is worth every moment of the wait and then some. BE EXCITED._____________January 21:Cover reveal and teaser chapter!! (Beware, reading it makes it infinitely harder to wait until October): http://shelf-life.ew.com/2013/05/13/alexandra-bracken-the-darkest-minds-never-fade-exclusive/