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Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy #1) - Mira Grant Holy shit you guys this book was INTENSE. I was so sucked into it the whole way through. I wanted to call in sick to work and cancel everything in my life so I could NEVER STOP READING. Here are several gifs to illustrate what reading this book was like: HahahahaOMG! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG AHHHHHHHHHHHH I recommend this book to zombie fans, dystopian fans, political conspiracy fans and anyone who appreciate subtle and rich character development combined with superb storytelling with a bonus of some excellent quippy dialogue. You should also probably have decent blood pressure to begin with because this book will send your pulse racing and then keep it there until the end.The plot is fantastic, totally action packed. It's kind of like the book version of what The Walking Dead could be if everyone weren't so frustratingly stupid all the time, plus politics and the internet. The world building is really well done. The info dumps are minimal, relying a lot on blog snippets to give you the bare minimum history you need to understand what's going on. I should also say that this is not your typical YA. I felt like it really straddled the line and would recommend it to fans of both adult and YA fiction. Hell, I even told my parents to read it and they're more non-fiction biography folks.Let's talk characters for a second. Well, specifically Shaun and Georgia. All the characters are great, even the ones that are basically glorified cameos but those two, gaaaahhh. They are fantastic. At first I was a little, not disappointed, but not thrilled that they were brother and sister so there was no romantic component (sue me, I like the gooey stuff) but by the second chapter I not only didn't even care, I preferred it this way. They're a better couple than most romantic couples, totally on the same page with no romantic drama to get in the way. At one point Georgia refers to them as 'a country we've made together' which is such a great description of them. *MAJOR SPOILER, CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK* When Georgia was infected I stared blankly at the words like 'um, what? No. This isn't happening. Nononononononooooooo!' And her last entry? A book hasn't made me cry that hard since Harry Potter. Think active, ugly-face, full-on sobbing. My heart shattered into a million pieces when Shaun had to put her down. Please see Tobias above and apply here. If this review is a little spastic it's because a) I don't usually write them, I'm more of a rate and move on sort of gal but this book was too good not to try and get some appreciation in writing. And b) I am struggling with putting coherent sentences together beyond SO GOOD. READ IMMEDIATELY.